So, What The Hell Is A Golf Rangefinder?

So, you are interested to know more about golf rangefinders, huh? That’s why we prepared a golf rangefinder guide for you. It is a pretty simple one to understand and we did our research before coming up with this piece so you can be patient.

Well, or, should you?

You see, golf rangefinder is still a very controversial topic among many golfers. Well, we can’t blame them. It is in fact, a pretty interesting subject to talk about if you look at the angle of whether using a golf rangefinder is fair or not on a golf field.

However, we will not get into that now as we are still on the very basic level.

Let’s first address the question,

What is a Golf Rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is a tool that you use to measure range of holes in a golf field from distance. You see, there was once a time when people used to measure the distance of a golf hole from the standing position using trees, sun and even bumps of the grass.

Those days are long gone and we are now in the year 2018.

Everything has been modernized and so is the invention of golf rangefinder. A golf rangefinder simply makes it easier for you to take care of your golf distance issues and that’s why they are built.

Interestingly, when golf rangefinders first came into existence, people were assuming that this tech is not going to survive. After all, a tech invention for golfers, who are not known for their tech enthusiasm- was a tough catch. However, this invention was able to survive and now is considered as one of the key parts of playing any golf sessions.

Very quickly, everyone started to realize the true potential of a golf rangefinder. They don’t simply increase your chance of hitting the hole. That’s obviously there but it does a lot more than that.

You see, playing golf is a long and tough experience. If you have ever played golf, you know that it is not easy for someone to stay in that heat for a real long time, especially when playing serious sets of games.

Golf rangefinders were able to shorten this period. Golf rangefinders actually were able to make sure that they make this game more entertaining, without taking anything from the game. The game is still intact and the fun is still there. Unlike some games such as cricket, technology is not taking any fun away from the golfing experience. However, it is adding more to the fun by increasing the speed.

That’s the beauty of a golf machine.

Now, lots of companies were able to come up with really cool golf rangefinders within a very short period of time to make sure that they get market share as early as possible.

Some of the winners in this race were Bushnell, Tec Tec Tec and even Nikon. Nikon was actually the one who very famously came and said that they are going to heavily invest in the rangefinder industry because they believe every golfer should have a piece of rangefinder in their golf bag.

Now, that was a over-statement. However, the fact that everyone now uses a golf rangefinder says a lot about this tool, right?