5 Famous Golf Magazines To Look At

Just like the way fashion magazines are important for the fashion designer, golf magazines are important for a golfer. Golf magazines keep the golfer’s both the pro and the amateur one’s up to date with the latest sporting news, game tips, interviews and some never seen before action.


Golf magazines know everything and have everything related to Golf around the world. Such magazines are also helpful to those who are looking to make a career in golf; they act as a career guide with tips from some of the best golf players in the world. However, there is an array of golf magazines that a can be found these days and finding the right one to read becomes a little difficult. Especially those who are new to golf and are just at the start of their career find it difficult to find the right kind of magazine for them. Therefore, we have a list of some of the best golf magazines that every golfer in the world would enjoy reading.

The best golf magazines

  • The golf digest- This is the magazine that every golfer adores, as it has some of the best golfing advice from some of the best golf players of all time. In this magazine one can learn about some of the winning tips and tricks that are given by established players.
  • The golf week magazine- This is a weekly magazine which is also liked by many, this is not only read by golfers but also by those who enjoy watching the game of golf. It has a very creative and upto date content, written keeping the readers in mind. Here readers get to read the news that cannot be found in other golf magazines. Golf week magazine is a little overpriced but with the content that this magazine offers it is worth every penny. This is an option that is hard to leave considering the quality of content that this magazine offers. The magazine has some of the best journalists that voice their articles in a unique manner.
  • The golf monthly- This magazine has an exorbitant price in the US because it mainly focuses on golf tips and techniques used by some of the best golf coaches in the UK. It also has information regarding the newest golf equipment with reviews. This magazine is reasonably priced in UK but not in the US.
  • The kingdom magazine- This magazine has three issues in a year and it comes with a higher price tag. It has some of the best golf stories from some of the best golfers in the world.
  • The today’s golfer magazine- If you want the best golf gear then this is the best magazine for this. It has articles about some of the best golf courses and tips for buying the best equipment. It has some solid content on which one can completely rely on.

So, if you are a golfer or aim to be one then these magazines are a must read.