So, What The Hell Is A Golf Rangefinder?

So, you are interested to know more about golf rangefinders, huh? That’s why we prepared a golf rangefinder guide for you. It is a pretty simple one to understand and we did our research before coming up with this piece so you can be patient.

Well, or, should you?

You see, golf rangefinder is still a very controversial topic among many golfers. Well, we can’t blame them. It is in fact, a pretty interesting subject to talk about if you look at the angle of whether using a golf rangefinder is fair or not on a golf field.

However, we will not get into that now as we are still on the very basic level.

Let’s first address the question,

What is a Golf Rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is a tool that you use to measure range of holes in a golf field from distance. You see, there was once a time when people used to measure the distance of a golf hole from the standing position using trees, sun and even bumps of the grass.

Those days are long gone and we are now in the year 2018.

Everything has been modernized and so is the invention of golf rangefinder. A golf rangefinder simply makes it easier for you to take care of your golf distance issues and that’s why they are built.

Interestingly, when golf rangefinders first came into existence, people were assuming that this tech is not going to survive. After all, a tech invention for golfers, who are not known for their tech enthusiasm- was a tough catch. However, this invention was able to survive and now is considered as one of the key parts of playing any golf sessions.

Very quickly, everyone started to realize the true potential of a golf rangefinder. They don’t simply increase your chance of hitting the hole. That’s obviously there but it does a lot more than that.

You see, playing golf is a long and tough experience. If you have ever played golf, you know that it is not easy for someone to stay in that heat for a real long time, especially when playing serious sets of games.

Golf rangefinders were able to shorten this period. Golf rangefinders actually were able to make sure that they make this game more entertaining, without taking anything from the game. The game is still intact and the fun is still there. Unlike some games such as cricket, technology is not taking any fun away from the golfing experience. However, it is adding more to the fun by increasing the speed.

That’s the beauty of a golf machine.

Now, lots of companies were able to come up with really cool golf rangefinders within a very short period of time to make sure that they get market share as early as possible.

Some of the winners in this race were Bushnell, Tec Tec Tec and even Nikon. Nikon was actually the one who very famously came and said that they are going to heavily invest in the rangefinder industry because they believe every golfer should have a piece of rangefinder in their golf bag.

Now, that was a over-statement. However, the fact that everyone now uses a golf rangefinder says a lot about this tool, right?

5 Famous Golf Magazines To Look At

Just like the way fashion magazines are important for the fashion designer, golf magazines are important for a golfer. Golf magazines keep the golfer’s both the pro and the amateur one’s up to date with the latest sporting news, game tips, interviews and some never seen before action.


Golf magazines know everything and have everything related to Golf around the world. Such magazines are also helpful to those who are looking to make a career in golf; they act as a career guide with tips from some of the best golf players in the world. However, there is an array of golf magazines that a can be found these days and finding the right one to read becomes a little difficult. Especially those who are new to golf and are just at the start of their career find it difficult to find the right kind of magazine for them. Therefore, we have a list of some of the best golf magazines that every golfer in the world would enjoy reading.

The best golf magazines

  • The golf digest- This is the magazine that every golfer adores, as it has some of the best golfing advice from some of the best golf players of all time. In this magazine one can learn about some of the winning tips and tricks that are given by established players.
  • The golf week magazine- This is a weekly magazine which is also liked by many, this is not only read by golfers but also by those who enjoy watching the game of golf. It has a very creative and upto date content, written keeping the readers in mind. Here readers get to read the news that cannot be found in other golf magazines. Golf week magazine is a little overpriced but with the content that this magazine offers it is worth every penny. This is an option that is hard to leave considering the quality of content that this magazine offers. The magazine has some of the best journalists that voice their articles in a unique manner.
  • The golf monthly- This magazine has an exorbitant price in the US because it mainly focuses on golf tips and techniques used by some of the best golf coaches in the UK. It also has information regarding the newest golf equipment with reviews. This magazine is reasonably priced in UK but not in the US.
  • The kingdom magazine- This magazine has three issues in a year and it comes with a higher price tag. It has some of the best golf stories from some of the best golfers in the world.
  • The today’s golfer magazine- If you want the best golf gear then this is the best magazine for this. It has articles about some of the best golf courses and tips for buying the best equipment. It has some solid content on which one can completely rely on.

So, if you are a golfer or aim to be one then these magazines are a must read.

Why Should You Drink Water

Our human body is made up of 60 percent of water, so without water our body cannot perform properly. Water is needed for leading a better and healthier life and also for the proper functioning of every cell in the body. Staying dehydrated (without having water) for a long period of time can affect the performance of our body and can make use inactive. Drinking enough water is not only important for the functioning of our body but also for a good glowing skin and for healthy hair.

Facts about drinking water

  • Drinking water helps in speedy weight loss.
  • Our blood is also made up of 90 percent water.
  • Water plays a key role in the functioning of the kidney.
  • Less water intake can lead to skin disorders.

How much water to drink?

You must have heard of the saying “drink 8 glasses of water daily”, yes so this is something that is true, easy and can be done. We all must atleast have 8 glasses of water daily, as we tend to lose water daily from our body while perspiration and urination. The water intake can vary according to every person, depending on a number of factors like; how active one is and how much do they sweat.

Benefits of drinking water

  • Fluid balance- Drinking water helps in maintaining a proper fluid balance which is needed for the proper functioning of the body.
  • Controls weight- Those who want to lose that extra flab and some extra kilos should stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Water is known to curb hunger which is perfect for those who are trying to lose weight.
  • Prevents cancer- Staying hydrated helps in preventing the risk of cancer.
  • Fuel for the muscles- After working out in the gym body loses out water in the form of sweat, so in order to keep the muscles hydrated it is necessary to have water.
  • Clearer skin- Staying hydrated helps in removing the toxins from the skin, which also helps in removing acne and pores. So for a wrinkle free and acne prone skin it is necessary to have water.
  • Anti-aging- Staying hydrated acts as an anti-aging agent, so instead of using creams for anti-aging, have enough water.
  • Performance booster- Proper hydration boosts the performance of a person and helps in staying active. Dehydration can cause fatigue and dizziness so drinking water is important.
  • Reduces joint pain- Having enough water helps in reducing joint pain, so those who have painful joints should definitely have water.
  • Prevents headaches- Dehydration causes headaches so drinking water helps in preventing regular headaches.
  • Less cranky- Drinking water helps in uplifting the mood, so whenever you feel cranky make sure to drink a glass of water.

This colourless liquid that is found in our planet is essential in quite a number of ways. One should definitely carry a bottle of water everywhere they go, to stay hydrated and active all the time.

Stroke Prevention: What to do

Stroke occurs when the blood circulation to the brain stops, as a result of which brain cells die, resulting in heart stroke. Strokes are of two types; one which is caused due to the blockage of blood and the second one caused due to heavy bleeding in the brain.

A stroke is a devastating situation and surviving it not easy. Those who have had a stroke have to be extra cautious. In order to prevent a stroke, firstly one has to know the factors that can cause a stroke and control them; secondly one has to learn and known about the warning signs.

Signs of a stroke

Warning signs are signals that tell you about the activity of your brain and your heart; they warn you about something being wrong. If you witness the following signs then immediately call for a doctor.

  • If you are having trouble in walking or there is dizziness.
  • Severe headache is another sign of a stroke.
  • Trouble seeing from both the eyes.
  • Weakness or numbness of face, leg or arm on one side.
  • Trouble in talking, walking; feeling confused.

How to prevent a stroke?

Why to wait for the warning signs when you can easily prevent a stroke, it can be controlled by these ways:

  • Lower the blood pressure- The biggest factor responsible for a stroke is high blood pressure, it doubles the risk of getting a stroke if it is not controlled. It is suggested that blood pressure level should be monitored and controlled before it increases. One should try maintaining their blood pressure level to 135/85. For lowering the blood pressure level you should reduce the intake of salt and avoid having high cholesterol foods.
  • Try losing weight- Obesity is an important reason for getting a stroke; so if you are overweight it is advisable to lose some so that you are saved from the impact of a stroke.
  • Exercising- Exercising regularly helps in losing weight as well as in controlling the blood pressure level to a great extent. One should try and exercise atleast five times a week.
  • Do not drink much- Those who are fond of consuming alcohol should do that in limit, as alcohol drinking increases the risk of getting a stroke. Either drink in moderation or do not drink at all.
  • Diabetes control- High blood sugar level is another factor that contributes to the risk of getting a stroke; it is advisable to control the blood sugar levels by taking a proper die t and by exercising. Consult a doctor for the same.
  • Do not smoke- Smoking is another important reason that is the biggest cause of a heart stroke. Quit smoking, it is not easy but it is something that has to be done.

Stroke can be prevented if one is cautious from the beginning; live a healthy life, control a few habits, exercise well and there will be no sign of stroke ever.

How to Lose Weight in a Month?

Probably one of the most sought-after things that people constantly look for is to lose
weight, and not gradually but as quick as possible. The truth is, there is no shortcut to lose weight, it is a gradual process and requires perseverance up to the maximum.

Consistency is needed if one aims to lose weight, just like any other process. Today, we will see how we can lose as much weight as possible in a month.

The Secret to Losing Weight

As stated earlier, there is no shortcut when it comes to losing weight, the only trick is to record and note down the ‘mistakes’ we are making. These mistakes are basically our daily routine, most of us have a sedimentary lifestyle where we do not exercise much as we need to.

The other reason is that of overeating and as a result, we find it hard to shed these extra pounds due to that. Hence, the first thing to do is to cut back on all the bad foods that we eat and supplementing them with good, whole foods.

Not only are they healthy but make you feel good and fibre rich foods don’t make you
hungry for a while promoting wellness at the same time.

The next trick is to start basic exercise, this is a must as our bodies were designed to move and be active and not binge like how we do things today.

Since exercising can be pretty hard for a newbie, basic exercise such as walking, jogging can help. This type of exercise is called cardiovascular exercise which is what makes our body move.

Along with cardiovascular training, strength training is required as this increases the
metabolism and speeds up the fat burning process. The ugly truth is that when we just do cardiovascular exercise, we end up losing muscle and weight but not fat (not as much) and this is why strength training helps.

Not only does it make our muscles tone up and aid in the process of losing fat, it also
avoids us from getting too skinny by improving lean mass.

Counting the calories, we eat also helps as the trick is to eat fewer calories than what we generally consume. Although this is not physically possible, we need to make sure that this works right as, in the end, this is a measurement that aids in weight loss.

Following the above-mentioned process results in good weight loss and one can easily shed 3-4 kgs easily, which is also the recommended rate.

Insights on Weight Loss

It is to be noted that one would lose weight quite quickly during the initial stages and that is because of water weight. It can be observed that it gets hard to lose weight and burn fat after two months or so because the water content is lost. Hence, perseverance is a must when it comes to weight loss as this is not something that can be done in a fortnight and it is wise to know that spot reduction is a myth!